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I'm looking for information about how the updater of the platform works ...
I did not find anything in the documentation:
neither in the index, in the complete table of contents, or in the glossary

Does this updater actually check the version that one really has or just look on a database of previous updates that it did?
Lastly I saw him offer me updates that had been made "by hand" when the app offered me (thunderbird).

And secondly if we accept the update proposed by the updater when it was already done manually, what happens: it reinstalls over?

I ask this because I have stability problems with thunderbird since I had the case (without loss of data or pb with "profiles" file...); but beyond that the mode of operation of the updater appeals to me ...
and besides my example, I think that it will be useful to know it because the majority of the softwares now check themselves the updates at startup and propose them ...

thank you to enlighten me

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Portable App Version

It's based on the version of the portable app. Thunderbird itself is set not to update but to notify you of an update. If you have Thunderbird Portable 52.5.0 and let Thunderbird update itself, it will be at 52.6.0, but Thunderbird Portable will still be 52.5.0. The portable app's version is contained in ThunderbirdPortable\App\AppInfo\appinfo.ini. The updater uses the PackageVersion in this file to determine when an update is available. Re-updating afterwards will cause no ill effects.

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ok, thank you for your answer

ok, thank you for your answer ...
... if I understand correctly, keeping this example, in case of "manual" update only the folder "ThunderbirdPortable\App" passes in 52.6 and the rest of the "package" remains in 52.5 ...

And then with Updater the entire package will be put in 52.6 which includes the App folder, which was already, by overwriting ...

I suspected this type of operation and asked me about the effects of this crushing, but your answer raises the doubt

Thank you

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