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[Fixed] Inkscape leaves folder in AppData

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[Fixed] Inkscape leaves folder in AppData

I realize that this is a little premature in that you haven't released it yet, but InkscapePortable 0.92.3 leaves a fontconfig folder in AppData — %appdata%\Local\fontconfig\cache which contains two files, CACHEDIR.TAG and d031bbba323fd9e5b47e0ee5a0353f11-i686.cache-7.

This is the portable version available on Inkscape's site ( ) which is in PAF format and was uploaded by Gord Caswell, so I assume it's the same one you will eventually be releasing.

This was first reported at . I confirmed that it happens on my computer (Win7 Pro SP1).

Gord Caswell
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Thanks, fixed prior to release

Thanks for catching that. I've fixed it locally, and we'll upload a new build prior to the official release announcement by either Inkscape or

John T. Haller
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Fixed in 0.92.3

This is fixed in Inkscape Portable 0.92.3

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