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Program: WinAuth

License: Open Source/GPL

Description: An easy to use, portable 2FA client.


Other: Can be made portable rather easily by following the FAQ:

"However, if you want to run WinAuth in true portable mode, or a USB stick for example, then you first need to copy the WinAuth.exe file onto your USB stick. Next, open Explorer and go to c:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\WinAuth (Windows 7/8.x) and copy or move the winauth.xml file from there into the same folder as winauth.exe on your USB stick. When you then run WinAuth from the USB stick it will run in portable mode and will not write any data to that computer. This means it can be taken and used anywhere."

John T. Haller
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.NET 4.5

It requires .NET 4.5, so it's not portable. It will only run on Windows 8 and up out of the box. Windows 7/Vista users will need to install .NET 4.5 as admin. It is not an automatic upgrade from .NET 3.5 which is included with Windows 7 or .NET 3.0 which is included with Vista.

We'll be rolling out "universal" .NET apps first that work with .NET 2/3/4 as they'll work on all modern Windows systems out of the box by default in the near future. And specific version .NET apps later. The platform requires support to detect and offer to download .NET first.

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!

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WinAuth now is also available

WinAuth now is also available as a .NET 3.5 version, which would make it suitable for PortableApps as per their own website:

Wouldn't it therefore be possible to include this to the available apps?

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WinAuth is by itself portable

WinAuth is by itself portable. What is the advantage of porting it to portableapps? Sorry if this is a stupid question as I am new to the portableapps ecosystem.

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To have it integrated in the

To have it integrated in the PortableApps system, instead of having it separate on the USB and having to start it outside of PortableApps

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WinAuth for PortableApp integration

Download this archive ( and unpack the package in your PortableApps folder...

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