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Updater does not respond to "Windows Shutdown"

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Updater does not respond to "Windows Shutdown"

System: Windows 7 64


There should exist at least one app ready for update
- Start Apps/CheckForUpdate
- Accept update
- Wait till the end

Big Notification dialog box appears, containing Close button. Do not close

Initiate Windows Shutdown process

Updater prevents windows shutdown


Expected: I expect, that updater window should close - there is nothing to do, allowing windows to shutdown

John T. Haller
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No Changes Coming

NSIS, the language the app store and updater are written in, does not support catching Windows shutdown messages. I've already added custom code for the end screen of the updater/app store that enables the close button in the upper right (and thus right-clicking the taskbar icon and selecting close), but I don't think it can properly respond to a WM_CLOSE message from the OS at that point without rewriting part of NSIS' base code.

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