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[Fixed] OpenSymbol font in LibreOffice Portable 6.0.4 is corrupt

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[Fixed] OpenSymbol font in LibreOffice Portable 6.0.4 is corrupt

I have detected that the source opens ___. Ttf that comes in the libreoffice package is corrupt, as a result the mathematical operators in Math come out as rare symbols. I have been able to check it on 3 computers.
The solution is to download the source opensymbol.ttf rename it to opens ___. Ttf and replace the one that carries the portable distribution.

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Fixed in 6.0.4 Rev 2

This is fixed in LibreOffice Portable 6.0.4 Rev 2. It's automatically pushed via the Platform to existing users. Manual users can download the patch from the LibreOffice Portable homepage in the App Notes section.

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