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BeCyIconGrabber Portable Dev Test 4

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BeCyIconGrabber Portable Dev Test 4

Application: BeCyIconGrabber Portable
Category: Utilities
Description: BeCyIconGrabber Portable is a tool which allows you to extract icons from almost every file.
Note: Unfortunately, the developer is no longer active, so I cannot contact him to gain permission. Also, the download is in a ZIP file, so an online installer is out of the question. Update: Developer's website is down.
Download BeCyIconGrabber Portable Dev Test 4 [545KB download / 1.14MB installed]
(MD5: fdd677e5b1abbb76eeddee0960f2b4a8)

Please file any bug reports/feature requests at!

Release Notes: Development Test 4 (2018-08-11):
  • Made Release Notes in help.html ordered oppositely than they were before.
  • Updated hompage. Development Test 3 (2018-08-09):
  • Moved the ini in the root directory back to Other/Source. Development Test 2 (2018-06-05):
  • Updated links to https from http.
  • Added appicon_256.png icon to the AppInfo folder.
  • Re-packaged launcher.
  • Added 'Trademarks' in appinfo.ini. Development Test 1 (2018-05-04): Initial Release
  • Compiled app to match PortableApps 3.5 Format.
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Great Addition - Thank You

I found this utility very useful.

Thank You.

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