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ThunderbirdPortable and Lightning Calendar on Win7/10

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ThunderbirdPortable and Lightning Calendar on Win7/10

I have been having problems with portability of Thunderbird 60.0 (Portable edition from 8/6/2018) installed on a USB2.0 stick between Windows 7 and Windows 10 and Lightning Calendar not always available.

Initial search for this problem led me to 'Calendar update Issues with Thunderbird' at

In Windows 7, using procedures outlined from the above link in 'Lightning disappears after a Thunderbird update (release and beta versions)' following Options-Advanced-Config Editor...-extensions.installedDistroAddon{. . . was reset, it successfully restored the calendar.

When I use the same USB Stick in Windows 10, the calendar is not visible but Lightening is available with no calendar feature, and the procedure outlined above to restore the calendar is not valid as the extensions.installedDistroAddon is not longer listed to reset.

Note that I only use Thunderbird for the calendar/Task features.

The Lightning addon has been set to manually update and my default is to work offline.

I do not have Thunderbird installed on either Win7/10 machines.

The portableapps program is not installed - only thunderbirdportable is installed on a USB stick.

Question: How can I get Lightning (and Calendar) to display when ThuderbirdPortable starts on either a Windows 7 and 10 machine from the same USB Stick?

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A follow-up to my initial posting . . .

After starting over by deleting Thunderbirdportable, installing the platform, and using that interface to download and install Thunderbirdportable on a USB stick, the calendar feature worked great on a Windows 7 system. However, using the same USB stick on a Windows 10 computer, thunderbirdportable opens using the portableapps program but no calendar is available is available in the Lightning add-on.

Any suggestions to remedy the Windows 10 issue of Calendar not being available in Lightning is greatly appreciated.

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Lightning Portable

There is a bug in the PortableApps.(sorry for bad english...)
The full path to the Calendar-App is stored in "addonStartup.json.lz4" File within the driveletter.
So you move from one Computer to the next and the driverletter changes Thunderbird-portable
would not find the App.

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