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KeePass v2 should be renamed from "Pro/Professional" to "2.x"

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KeePass v2 should be renamed from "Pro/Professional" to "2.x"

PortableApps has recently released its first ever .NET supported PortableApp, KeepAss v2. However, despite proven otherwise, it keeps calling it "KeePass Pro Password Safe Portable 2" or "KeePass Professional Password Safe Portable".

I'll quote from :

During the initial development of 2.x (i.e. while there was no public alpha version available), it was called "KeePass Professional". The current 1.x version should be renamed to "KeePass Classic". This naming should emphasize that 2.x isn't simply the successor of 1.x. Shortly before the first alpha version was released, there were long discussions about the naming and we finally decided to call the new version "2.x".

Also from :

KeePass is available in two different editions: 1.x and 2.x.

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Confusing Versioning

2.x makes it seem like a different version of the same app. It's really a different app as it was rewritten. They use entirely different settings and don't use the same password databases (KeePass 2 can do a one way import of a kdb file) and both apps are being maintained independently. The publisher has no issue with our current naming. If I rename it anything, it will be KeePass .NET but this is unlikely as I'd have to change the current AppIDs of KeePassPortable and KeePassProPortable.

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