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why you not delete portable browsers??

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why you not delete portable browsers??

they are the worst, are slow, get stuck outta nowhere, why not delete them?? just an advice

John T. Haller
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Better Drive

If you're having performance issue, it's likely you're using a low-end drive. Even if it's USB3, it likely uses inferior memory and controller chips rendering it slower than a higher-end USB2. To compare, run it locally from your Desktop directory. You'll notice it performs well. Invest in a better flash drive.

Note that if it does not perform well when installed fresh to your Desktop directory, it's likely something on your PC is interfering with operation. Often an infection of some sort or general Windows issue. Sometimes it's a misbehaving "free" third party antivirus.

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!

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Why should I?

Mine never do that... Scratch

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I don't think there is a

I don't think there is a reason to remove them... It works fine here. Wink

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