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jPortable and jdkPortable

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jPortable and jdkPortable

jPortable is advertised as "jPortable allows you to easily add a Java® runtime environment to your portable device" - HOW ???
I want to install an exe specifically "i2pinstall_0.9.37_windows.exe" from website""
(which requires Java Runtime Version 7 or higher to even install)
but jPortable launcher only launches JAR files, not EXE files, and there is no apparent way to run the Portable Java Runtime Environment and then install an .exe

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Java Apps


There's a specific section on Java apps, but you would have to package the required application in PortableApps format to have a chance of getting it to work correctly, including dealing with any issues there might be with the application writing settings or other data to the Windows Registry and/or to any other locations. It's not normally a simple "Plug and Play" solution, unless the developer provides a truly portable version of their own.

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Try rename the .exe to a .jar and run it with the jPortable Launcher.

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