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BUG in Firefox U3?

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BUG in Firefox U3?

Hallo everybody!
My 1st post here...
I've tried to find something about what I'm looking for, but seem I found, I'm opening a new post, trying to write more information as possible.

I'm using a U3 SanDisk Cruzer Micro 4GB, and I've seen that when Firefox is not running and I click on a link from another application (ex.: a link in a Thunderbird-U3 message), it lost anything of his settings (bookmarks and extension), that works perfectly again if I copy the adress from the adress-bar, close Firefox and restart it from the U3 launchpad.

I've installed in it three extensions: Sage, FireFTP and the SignupShield bar (this last one comes with another U3 application that make me easy the use of forms, login and the password management - for the ones that don't know it).

My OS is WinXP sp2
I don't have Firefox installed on my computers but I use just the U3 browser.
Firefox U3 is setted as the default browser.

I've experienced the same problem in Thunderbird: when i click on a "mailto:" link, in Firefox-U3 or in IE7, Thunderbirds-U3 open asking the account informations (as in the first run), but if i close it and restart from U3 launchpad, nothing seems happened. - same setting as Firefox: not installed on my computers but setted as default e-mail client. - Should I open a new thread in "Thunderbird" section?

These problems are fixable with some special setting I didn't know? Or caused by a setting I did? Or it's a bug?

Thanks for any useful information and for any help... and sorry for my bad English and my grammar mistakes (I'm italian!)

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I think that you aren't

I think that you aren't officially meant to set Portable Firefox as your default browser - I don't think that the different programs communicate that well to each other if you do it like this.

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You should

never set Portable (or U3-)Apps as default.
Default means the PC will only open a filetype with the programm you set as default.
But if the USBstick isnt plugged in, the program isnt there...
And then things get bad.
The best way (and I think the ONLY way) is to open the programs and copy&paste things manually.

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I DO...

not start my PC or any application without my U3 drive plugged in...

And, actually, copy/paste is what I do every time I see the problem...

U3 or not U3?

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This could be what you are looking for to "link" your applications on the usb U3 drive.

It should also be found on the U3 "Add Programs" menu.
Regards NMC

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Really a great idea that "fits to me"!
I'll download it asap, and I'll let you know how it works...

Thanks a lot!

U3 or not U3?

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I used Appsnapper when I had

I used Appsnapper when I had U3 installed, and it worked well (occasionally had some issues).It is not free however.

I think Mr. Haller is working behind the scenes to try to implement some better handling of links/file associations in portable apps.

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