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[Fixed] Calibre Library folder

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[Fixed] Calibre Library folder


1st post at but been using it for years.

I just added the Official PortableApps Calibre app. On the first run it asked me where to create the Calibre Library folder with the suggestion being C:\Users\admin\Calibre Library. This obviously would not make the library portable. Where should the Calibre Library folder be created for the Official PortableApps Calibre app and what syntax should be used?

Thanks for the help and fantastic software.
Daniel Blake

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Just a point of information to consider

With almost 600 books, including original azw3s and converted epubs, my library folder comes in at about 3 GB (yes 3 Gigabytes). You might want to consider this for how backups are made.

I placed the folder in the root of my USB drive. That way can back up only that folder. I did that so wouldn't have big impact if using PAc Backup to do the Documents folder or Application Data folders.

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Folder "library" should be

Folder "library" should be created in "Data" folder.
In installer is missing empty folder "App\DefaultData\library" which would be copied in "Data" folder on first run, as it offered by default on first configuration screen, but as this folder does not exist, "Next" button on first run configuration screen is grayed out, and only "Cancel" button is available.
That way you would not be forced to press "Cancel" button, and initial configuration could be completed.

BTW, version 3.36.0 is out

John T. Haller
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Fixed in calibre Portable 3.42.0

This is fixed in calibre Portable 3.42.0 for new installs. Existing installs will use whatever location you have manually set. If none is set, it will default to local. To default to the new location without manually setting, create a library folder within calibrePortable\Data.

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