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VLC Updating & Default App in Windows 10

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VLC Updating & Default App in Windows 10

I have VLC Portable 3.0.4 on my updated Windows 10 Pro computer. Two issues:

1) Cannot assign VLC Portable as a default application for the various file types it uses (I've tried all ways).
2) When VLC gives a message to upgrade, unlike Firefox & Thunderbird, VLC "_INSTALLS_" on my machine (in "C:\Program Files(x86)\..."), so I am unable to upgrade.

Any help on these items would be appreciated since I abhor Windows 10 and their soon-to-be requirement to only install from the Windows Store. Sad


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I use this registry file to

I use this registry file to associate VLC Portable with various video formats:
You will have to edit it to point to the place you installed VLC.

As for 2, don't use VLC's updater. Instead, either use the PortableApps Platform to update it or manually download the latest PortableApps version from here.

And what are you talking about? Microsoft is not going to ban non-Store programs (it would be suicide to do so).

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