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FALKON: someone pls recheck for virus

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FALKON: someone pls recheck for virus


my VirScanner 360 Total Security shows alert
on installation of Falkon Portable 3.1.0
in file Falkon.exe
Someone pls. might recheck this for false positive or correctness


John T. Haller
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Clean, Linked Right From the Page

It's clean, as always:

There is an "Antivirus Scan" linked right from the Falkon Portable page. It links to the above. All our apps do that fit within the 200MB Virus Total limit.

You'll need to contact your antivirus company to get them to fix their bug.

Also, heads up that China-based Qihoo 360 has been caught adding backdoors to their apps, so you may wish to pick a more trustworthy antivirus.

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