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Firefox Portable Appdata/Roaming redirect

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Firefox Portable Appdata/Roaming redirect

Hi all,

I'm not the most techiest person but am the go to at my workplace as I'm the youngest so apologies if this is a straightforward question.

There is a file that a Firefox extension pulls from AppData/Roaming. I am trying to get the Firefox Portable to pull from the USB instead from the computer, so a redirect of sorts. I thought this may be the answer but was not able to find any straight forward way to implement this.

TL;DR how do I tell Firefox Portable to pull a file from the USB instead of AppData/Roaming

Thank you

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Extension? What extension?

Extension? What extension? Are we meant to guess?
Pulling a file? File? What file? Are we meant to guess?

"I am trying to get the Firefox Portable to pull from the USB instead from the computer . . ."
Doesn't make any sense if the extension is the problem not Firefox Portable. So long as you always launch Firefox Portable via the FirefoxPortable.exe file then Firefox should be looking to its own 'install' location for files. Does your Firefox Portable run fine in all other respects? In effect, is it only this unspecified extension that seems the problem?

All the above said, unless you're not launching Firefox Portable correctly, your question is really about an extension which isn't directly to do with Firefox Portable. If it was me I'd go to mozillaZine forums and raise the matter there -- you will have a much higher chance of getting a response. Just be sure to write exactly in detail what your issue is and mention that you're using Firefox Portable and the version number of that Firefox, you should of course also add the version number of the extension you are complaining about.

In any case, even at this forum, you really do need to tell people what the mysterious extension and file is to have any hope at all of an answer that can help.

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I wrote a batch-file to set environment-variables to my needs, and then this batch starts PortableApps-Start.exe (X: should be the stick). I.e.

SET HOMEDIR=X:\Portables\Documents
START X:\Portables\Start.exe

Some programs (unfortunately firefox too) ignores some of these variables, but most programs store their data on the drive X:. I also look, if java is installed and set the JAVA_HOME etc. I wish PortableApps should do this by default. I can send you my batch via email, if you want to. It automatically sets the pathes, independing where it is installed (it just has to be placed in your "Portables"-dir).

Bye, and a happy new year

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