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Help, i need sombodys help!

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Help, i need sombodys help!

Ok, you may thinking WTF! This guy asked this question?
I'm trying to make armagetron portable
and i keep getting this error when i do it. AND I HAVE FindProcDLL.dll installed...
what is going on...

Abort: ""
!insertmacro: FindProcess
!insertmacro: macro named "FindProcess" not found!
Error in script "C:\Documents and Settings\Colum\Desktop\PortableArmagetronCode\PortableArmagetron.nsi" on line 133 -- aborting creation process

? :-?? :-?? :-?? :-?? :-?? Pardon

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Do you still have this problem?

Could you send me the nsi script (send it to simeon(DOT)kuehl(€)yahoo(DOT)de)and I'll take a look.

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Ensure that you have the

Ensure that you have the CORRECT dll. Try the ones in this pack.

Ryan McCue
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The reason is

you don't have the proper syntax.
Email the code to me at cubegames[at] or create a Pastebin for it.

Please note everyone: if posting long code, post it in the PortableApps Pastebin
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