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firefox updating

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firefox updating

firefox is offering to update itself, outside of the portableapps app. while browsing with firefox i received a notification window informing me to restart to update firefox. i allowed it to update itself and when it restarted it gave me an XPCOM error (couldn't load). i will reinstall to fix it, so no worries. just wished to inform you that firefox is updating itself (i have seen this on my laptop/other computer as well, but the laptop update was successful without the xpcom error).


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Adjust Your Update Settings

Advice given at this forum is ONLY to update your Firefox Portable using the official release here:

With respect to your Firefox Portable updating itself automatically try the following and see if it stops that from happening:

(1) In Firefox go (menu) Tools > Options.
(2) Click on the General options (at the top left-hand side of the options page.
(3) Scroll down the page until you see the Firefox Updates options.
(4) At those options choose to Check for updates but let you choose to install them
(5) Close the Options tab.

Doing this should give the option not to install an update (direct from Mozilla) when it is available. However, it does mean that you might get occasional nags to do so -- just dismiss the nags and wait until such times as PortableApps make their own official release.

P.S. If it was me I would delete the install of Firefox on your laptop that seems to have updated okay from the official Mozilla release and reinstall using the PortableApps release of Firefox Portable. I have read on these forums from time to time that allowing your Firefox Portable to update directly via a Mozilla update can cause problems with the portability of Firefox Portable.

Use Portable Apps on both Flash Drive and HDD/SSD.

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You can delete the files

You can delete the files "updater.exe" in:

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