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QUESTION: MS Word 2013 ?

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QUESTION: MS Word 2013 ?

Howdy, Members:

1. It it possible to install MS Word 2013 only (without other MS Office apps) to my new notebook as a portable and sandboxed?

2. I have existing .DOCX files that have REVISIONS in right column that must also be retained...
(It appears that LibreOffice or other alternatives do not handle MS Word revisions well... plus I need to retain the .DOCX format.)

3. Is there an online Word editor that can competently accomplish this task without the necessity to install to local HDD?

4. Can Sandboxie be installed as portable?

What would be your best recommendations?

THX. ~ Alan

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answer to question 1 is No

answer to question 1 is No (insert grumpy cat meme pic here). Due to Microsoft owning MS office, it's closed source and the owner of this fine website would get sued (i assume). As for any online word editors Have you tried Microsoft Office 365? If the cost is prohibitve for you.... do an alternative search for libreoffice.....

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Its Possible,

1.Yes its possible, only 6 dll files is needed. Setting, Keys can be loaded from .inf file
2.Can use TextMaker by Gmbh Softmaker.. its a clean ripped version of Mso, Its only 20MB whole office package..
3.Online is always a mess. Just downgrade, MSO2003 is best handy, portable offce (it is less than 30) loads quickly
4.MSOffice 2013 is 700mb after installation it took around 1GB space, sandboxing not good., it take ages to load if portable.
~~~Use TextMaker, Or Mso2003, Openoffice is also best~~~~


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