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there are no incremental differential files for differential Backup

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there are no incremental differential files for differential Backup


Toucan has served well in the past and thanks for the update. However probably since this update there is a bug in the Differential Backup. Assuming that the past behavior that changed files are backed up up in an archive named after the date and time is current.

Differential backup does not add incremental, differential files. In an incremental differential backup Toucan adds the incremental differential files for the new changes. However since at least Jan. 2020 Toucan only generates the file 'BaseFile.7z '. After successfully running a Backup set as Differential 7-Zip for one folder, no differential dated file is generated.

It is certain that there were changed files in the backup. That means that the diff algorithm did not detect the changes in the files. 'BaseFile.7z ' remains the only file generated.

system details (Window 10 pro, 64-bit, install path: F:\PortableApps\Toucan, current update Toucan 3.1.7).

Toucan Settings
- Type: 'Differential'
- Format: '7-Zip'
- Compression Level: 'Default'
- Other: 'Run'
- Computer Files to Backup: one folder is selected
- Backup Location: 'F:\DELL5NET\imc_nb_stages\Stages\ArcStore\ArcStore_Temp\WD04_DELL5NET_Toucan_Stages_ArcStore_temp_Stages-diff_2020D01'
An external USB drive folder is set as the location.

Otherwise Toucan has been a very reliable backup solution in the last years and very much appreciated.

Thank you for your attention - Gary Gabriel

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