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Mac Portable apps?

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Mac Portable apps?

I was wondering if there's any plans to create a version of the portable apps system for mac? that would be really cool if so! thanks

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It's unlikely for a couple reasons. First, I was planning on releasing a packaged version of the platform with a WINE variant so you can run your apps from here on MacOS. Unfortunately, MacOS Catalina stripped off all 32-bit support breaking all kinds of things (games, old versions of Office/Photoshop, etc). So, I have it working, but it's only for Mojave and earlier and will be shelved. Plus, Mac hardware is dropping x86 support over the next 2 years and won't be able to even run Windows directly. Second, MacOS has gotten more and more hostile to apps from outside the app store. You can only run apps from the app store and that are signed by Apple themselves by default unless you bypass GateKeeper now. So, I look at investing time into portable Mac apps as a bit fruitless for me personally. If someone else is interested, I'm happy to assist.

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Thanks a lot for the very

Thanks a lot for the very detailed answer. I had the same question, but after investigating, I opted to install Windows natively and use your awesome collection of PortableApps without emulation.

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With all of these major

With all of these major changes coming to Apple's computer division over the next 5 years, it's probably useless. I've been an Mac user for 23 years, but, thanks to their switch to ARM, I'm being forced to use a PC for awhile. With the way Apple's been going, I believe they're slowly phasing out their computer division entirely. It's entirely likely that they're switching to ARM to give developers a way to transition their apps so they can run on an iPad. The iPad is likely replacing the Mac in a few years, and this just gives developers who have been unable to create iPad versions of their desktop apps a clearer path to it. That's pretty much where Apple has been headed since 2016 anyhow (there was no macbook development from 2016-19).

At this point, I completely understand. I just wish there was an easier way to carry my essential apps around.

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some are here

not sure if this is still maintained, and what all is legal or not, but there is a site providing few portable apps for mac

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