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How to install several separate versions of Chrome Portable - NOT "update"

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How to install several separate versions of Chrome Portable - NOT "update"

I forgot what it actually does and whether there is some way to control that latter in the install process but the first prompt upon running say GoogleChromePortable_68.0.3440.84_online.paf.exe is downright scary. I don't want to run any risk of the thing even thinking about "updating" anything - ever. I just want it to park all it's bits into whatever folder I give it - no less and no more.

Is there a command line switch or something?

Don't even know if it's going to work at all (I seem to remember that online "installers" from don't respect declared version at all but dump whatever is the latest on you) and I definitely don't want any risk of it touching my 58.

It probably just snoops and sees GoogleChromePortable.exe running but I have to make absolutely shure that it doesn't "decide that it knows better" if I shut it down the guardian. Especially if it's going to dump 85 on me.

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Not sure about installing

But you can rename the folder, example GoogleChromePortable_Old and the updater will ignore it. I have an older copy of Firefox set this way

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