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ThunderbirdPortable 68.12.0 two versions?

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ThunderbirdPortable 68.12.0 two versions?

Hi Guys,

what's the difference between these two packages:


as have already earlier applied the ThunderbirdPortable_68.12.0_English.paf.exe,
do we need to "reinstall" (same version) with the ThunderbirdPortableLegacy68_68.12.0_English.paf.exe ?


John T. Haller
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Separate "Channel"

It's a separate channel for use with the PA.c Updater and to have as an available download for folks wanting to easily run it beside their ThunderbirdPortable stable install. 68.12.0 is no longer supported and will likely have security issues in the near future as no further patches will be released, so local and portable users have been updated to 78.2.2 stable. ThunderbirdPortable and ThunderbirdPortableLegacy68 will install into different directories and are considered separate by the Platform, how the majority of users download and update their apps.

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