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install portable apps platform on a pc windows 10

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install portable apps platform on a pc windows 10

I would like to know if it is okay to install the portable apps platform on a Laptop with Windows 10 Home edition on SSD drive and then install the portable apps I would like. Would it be easier to install updates of the apps as well would there be any issues with the windows start menu or any other issues. please provide details thanks

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It's All Fine

Everything you want to do is fine. For details of how and other information see Read all the documentation there regarding the Platform and PortableApps themselves. The documentation is brief, to the point, and not technically difficult to read. PortableApps will not interfere with your Windows Start Menu.

I have my portable apps installed to an E:\ partition on my SSD and have never had any problems with them. The only thing you can't do is install your portable apps into the Windows folders "Program Files" and/or "Program Files (x86)" (or any of their sub-folders). Personally, I prefer installing my portables onto a partition that isn't the operating system partition. I also don't use PortableApps Platform. And I'm on Windows 7 not Windows 10 -- but that won't make any difference to what you want do.

Use Portable Apps on both Flash Drive and HDD/SSD.

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Same here

But I created C:/PortableApps and then sent shortcuts of AppNamePortable.exe to my desktop.

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