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installation folder invalid

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installation folder invalid


I just tried to install toucan into this folder: C:\Program Files\Toucan

But this folder is not accepted. It complains that this folder is invalid I shall select a valid folder like "C:\Program Files or sub folder".


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I believe

I think John said this was a measure added to Wins 10 as part of their security. You can create a folder on the root; C:\PortableApps and then send shortcuts to your desktop if you wish to run them locally. This is my set up

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Not Supported

Installing to Program Files does not work correctly for portable software so that location is locked out. Portable software need to write to its own folder as it is running, which Windows does not permit in Program Files. Even if you disabled UAC/always ran as admin (which is a horrible idea security-wise), many apps will only run in local mode when in that location. They detect where they are and run locally. Chrome, for example. As we neither support nor even test whether apps work in this location, it is locked out by the installer.

You can install to C:\PortableApps. That will work just fine. And, as a bonus, PA.c Installers will automatically detect that location when it exists.

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