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Tweakeze Portable 1.11.520 Dev Test 1

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Tweakeze Portable 1.11.520 Dev Test 1

Application: Tweakeze
Category: Utilities
Description: Tweakeze is a well-rounded monitoring tool providing you with many useful options for keeping a handle on what goes on with your machine in real-time. Tweakeze monitors any changes made in your Microsoft Windows file systems and Registry databases, and more.

Download Tweakeze Portable 1.11.520 [3.43MB download / 7.61MB installed]
(MD5: cc9a14c6df360fcb80eb6e9e06f6645b)

Release Notes:
- All deliverables signed with digital signature by Tweakeze Software Inc
- Added Session Watcher for all supported Chromium based browsers
- Added support for Yandex browser
- Added support to expand/collapse panels in Creator
- Improve Compatible INI support by detecting/adding known EXEs triggers
- Added support to custom Chromium and Mozilla based browsers in Creator screen
- New System category with General and Privacy Watchers
- New Watchers for:
Memory Dumps, Chkdsk File Fragments, Windows Error Reporting, Menu Order Cache, Tray Notifications Cache, Window Size/Location Cache, Thumbnail Cache, Recent Documents, Run Dialog Box Typed History, Search Assistant MRUs, Windows Explorer MRUs, Windows Explorer Typed Paths, User Assist History, Network Passwords
- Bug fixes, performance and UI improvements

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Admin Priviliges

Does it require Admin privileges in order to run?

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