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Updating FirefoxPortable.exe

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Updating FirefoxPortable.exe

I use a program called SUMo from to keep my programs up to date. I notice with Firefox Portable, SUMo checks what is the current version of FirefoxPortable.exe that is in the FireFoxPortable folder. However, if you use the Help>About menu from within Firefox Portable to update, FireFox Portable does update itself ok but does not update FirefoxPortable.exe, meaning that SUMo still thinks that Firefox needs updated.
If I download the installer from, then the installer does update FirefoxPortable.exe, but it is easier to update from within Firefox Portable.

Should FirefoxPortable.exe not also be updated, when using Firefox Portable to update?

Should I post on and ask them if SUMo can check instead what version is in the folder FirefoxPortable>App>Firefox64>firefox.exe, as that would show the correct updated version?



Ken Herbert
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How we make programs portable

How we make programs portable is to put a wrapper around the base app that handles the portability stuff (that's what FirefoxPortable.exe is), but Firefox itself doesn't know anything about our wrapper. So updating from within Firefox only updates Firefox, not the portable bits we add.

Sometimes updating from within Firefox is fine, but other times there may be changes to portability that won't get updated just by updating Firefox. So it is usually best to update the full portable package, whether you use our platform to handle automatic updates for you, or if you manually update it.

So asking Sumo to check Firefox.exe within Firefox Portable, instead of checking FirefoxPortable.exe, would create situations where Firefox Portable isn't exactly portable anymore.

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I understand. I have

I understand. I have installed your platform to handle the automatic updating, that is the easiest thing to do.
Thanks for your reply.

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