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Update failures

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Update failures

I just tried updating AndreaMosaic, ClamWin, and Yumi via Platform (PAP). All 3 downloaded. Yumi updated fine. Then I got an error from PAP stating that AndreaMosaic and ClamWin did not download. But I watched them download via a network monitor, so I know they did. I have a hunch the wrong error message is being delivered to users when the hash does not match.

(And why wouldn't the hashes be matching?... did you forget to update them for the new versions?)

I wanted a little while, and repeated the process; then it all worked.

It always makes me nervous when downloading software and things go awry. There is much trust involved, and when things don't go well, I wonder what really happened and what really got installed.

This all just happened, so I haven't decided yet exactly what steps I'm going to take to make sure things are okay and nothing bad happened. It's going to be time-consuming and tedious, so I'm not looking forward to it.

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Manual Updates

My best advice: Manual Updates!!
No more problems related to Internet, Updater's bugs, or whatever.

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All Hashes Current

We occasionally have a hash mismatch but it's usually corrected quickly. If you're unable to update those 3 today, there may be something interfering with the downloads. There was one antivirus app that would fail at the end of each download resulting in a failure because it was so slow to scan larger files, for instance. If the MD5 isn't matching and there's no issue on our end, that usually means either an incomplete download or something on the local PC is infecting/corrupting downloads as they come in.

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