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I recently reinstalled Windows and when I ran 7-Zip, I noticed that despite having enabled the context menu, it's not showing up?
Any ideas what could be wrong?

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That's a local app ability and will leave a permanent change on the local machine. You may be able to get it working by disabling, closing, running 7-Zip Portable as admin, then turning it back on.

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Thanks, that...sort of worked

Thanks, that...sort of worked.
I now get the menu in XYPlorer (which I use more often than Windows Explorer), but oddly, not in WE?
Also, it doesn't respect my selection of items to include in the context menu. It defaults to everything...oh well, better than before.

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I'll explain whats happening.

I'll explain whats happening. If you open the app using the 7-ZipPortable.exe the program is running in portable mode and is saving settings to the Settings folder. If you enable the context menu in the settings and then open the app via the context menu it is creating a new instance of the program, one that isn't portable and is writing settings to the registry. When you first do this your settings will appear to have been "reset" but what is actually happening is you have created a new lot of settings in the registry. You can't have the context menu and run the app in portable mode. It won't work, it needs to write to the registry to enable context menu.

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