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HowTo: Add batch files to the Platform

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HowTo: Add batch files to the Platform

This is sar3th's Guide on adding batch files to the Platform with screenshots. Anyone who reads through this and follows these simple steps should be able to add any batch file to his/her Platform Smile
Note: depending on your operating system and your settings, your system might look a bit different than mine. This shouldn't be a problem though, since you will find all the required things in your system at the same place.



For the optional advanced steps, you will need IcoFX. You can also use IcoFX Portable.

Basic step-by-step guide

  1. Open the installation folder of your Platform [Screenshot]
  2. Navigate into the PortableApps folder [Screenshot]
  3. Create a new subfolder. Name it anything you like, but do not use spaces! In my example, i will call my folder ExampleApplicationPortable [Screenshot]
  4. Navigate into your new subfolder. Now, copy your batch file(s) and all required files into it. My batch files are called example1.bat and example2.cmd. They don't require any other files, so i don't need to copy anything else. [Screenshot]
  5. Create a new subfolder. Call it App. [Screenshot]
  6. Go into your new App folder. Creae another new subfolder and call it appinfo. [Screenshot]
  7. Now, open Notepad. To do this, click on Start, then point to Programs, Accessories and then, click on Notepad. [Screenshot]
  8. Paste the following code into your notepad window. Details about its function can be found at this site.
    Name=ExampleApplication Portable
    Description=ExampleApplication Portable is an ExampleApplication for this guide.
    DisplayVersion=1.0 Release 1
    Name1=ExampleApplication Example 1
    Name2=ExampleApplication Example 2

    Now go ahead and change the settings to match your needs.
    Important notes:

    • If you want more icons, change the number of Icons accordingly and add new StartX= entries, where X is the number of the icon
    • If you only want one icon to be shown, change



      and remove

      Name1=ExampleApplication Example 1
      Name2=ExampleApplication Example 2
    • More information can be obtained here.

    [Screenshot] (outdated)

  9. Choose File->Save As. Now navigate to your appinfo folder. Use "appinfo.ini" as file name. [Screenshot]
  10. Close Notepad. Restart your Platform. Your new icons will show up. [Screenshot]

Advanced steps (optional)
You can easily change the icons of your newly created entries. To do that, you will either need an ico file or two PNGs with the dimensions of 32x32 and 16x16. You can easily generate them from any icon yourself using IcoFX. In this example, i will show you how to save the Images as ico file.

  1. Open IcoFX. Close the Tip of the day if it appears by clicking its close button. [Screenshot]
  2. Open your desired icon. [Screenshot]
  3. Click File, Save As. Navigate to your appinfo folder, and name the file appicon [Screenshot]
  4. If you have multiple icons, make sure you name them appicon1.ico, appicon2.ico, ... [Screenshot]
  5. Restart your PortableApps Platform Smile [Screenshot]


  • 06.12.2009 Initial post
  • 07.11.2011 Updated to PAF 2.0

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Nice explanation!

There's a lot you can do with the new ini-based format.

Two similar posts that show other variations...

Creating shortcuts to folders:
Creating shortcuts to executables in subfolders:

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Add Batch Files with Convert to Exe

I put together a little utility that you can use to convert batch files to EXE. It builds a self-extracting archive with VBScript and batch file wrappers to launch whatever file you provide. It's not just limited to batch files, you can use it to launch any kind of file you want (VBScript, txt files, etc.). You can also build an exe wrapper for any command if you use the /launch parameter. It will prompt you for a command you want to run, and it builds the exe file for that command.

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Here's the thing

With the current version of PAM, you aren't limited to exe's anyway.
If you read the OP's post, he's shows you exactly that.
Of course, your app is great if you don't use PAM.

I made this half-pony, half-monkey monster to please you.

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My Tool Hides cmd Windows Also

This is true. One thing I forgot to mention is that my exe generator will also run in a hidden cmd window, which I like. You could add a .bat to the menu w/ OP's instructions, but you still see the ugly cmd window when it launches. The VBScript wrapper that I generate in the exe will launch in a hidden cmd window, which makes it a bit more seamless.

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Great instructions

Even I can understand them! Thanks for the post.

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O_O That's what I said on the


That's what I said on the IRC and NOBODY was listening :/

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After you left we gout ourselves finally organized, and sar3th said to Tim it was possible, that he tested it, and it worked, and helped the user with all the steps that were necessary. Then we asked sar3th then to make a tutorial.

Sorry gluxon Blum

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After 11 years...

After 11 years, all pictures to this topic are gone linked to ImageShack ;-)


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I made an app

I made an app for the portable apps launcher that can launch some websites

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