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plugin/extensions in Libreoffice portable

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plugin/extensions in Libreoffice portable


I can't find the information to know in which directory we have to put the plugins for libreoffice?

I saw that the dictionaries are in D:\PortAPPs_com_Platform\PortableApps\LibreOfficePortable\App\libreoffice\share\extensions\dict-*
so I tried to put the *.oxt in D:\PortAPPs_com_Platform\PortableApps\LibreOfficePortable\App\libreoffice\share\extensions
But it doesn't work

Thank you for helping me...

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You need to unpack the OXT file

If you knowingly prefer that route over using the built-in "Extensions Manager", instead of an .oxt file, you need to place there its unpacked contents, as an extracted folder. OXT is actually a ZIP file with a different extension. For extracting it directly, you may use 7-Zip, for example, which recognizes .oxt as archive file.

After placing the folder, remember to re-start the LibreOffice app. The installed extension should be listed in the "Extensions Manager". To uninstall it, you need to manually remove the folder.

If choosing this method, be aware that you will need to repeat the installation process after updating LibreOffice Portable, so, have a safe backup of your extensions.

Personally, I like this way better for the reason that when installed with the Manager, files are placed in \cache\ directories, which from time to time I delete entirely, when LibreOffice Portable start-up shows sluggishness.

Below are the directories from my tests when installing with the Extensions Manager:






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To be honest I didn't see that the extension manager could do it directly as the option "get additional extensions online" is different from "Add"...
(It would be enough to put only one button to add, then a choice between the 2 methods 'manually' or 'download and install', but well, why make simple...)

So I'll do that, but I'll come back and read this thread if I have the problem you are talking about

Thank you very much for your very precise answer

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