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start TB and PTB cause loss of PTB account...

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start TB and PTB cause loss of PTB account...

Il you start ThunderBird, and start PortableThunderBird at the same time, you will loss acount on PortableThunderBird profile...

This occur on the french version of PortableThunderbird, and is the same problem with US version of PortableThunderbird (v1.5)...

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you aren't

Supposed to have them both open at the same time, if you do, things go wrong. This is the case with most of the PortableApps. Why you would need both them open at the same time anyway?


joshua (not verified)

yes, but open OOo and POOo at the same time, is not "destructive"....

a screen of warning would be welcome, even a checking at the opening of PortableThunderbird...


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PTB 1.5 includes the check

It's still in final testing. PFF 1.5 added the same check in.

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