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Troubles updating to the new version of FFx over the platform

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Troubles updating to the new version of FFx over the platform

Have to report the following issue: I try to update to the newest version of FFx by manually starting the platform updater from the platform menu. The new version of the FFx was found, downloaded and kinda successfully installed. After the start of the FFx I got the message, that xul.dll isn't compatible with the current version.

I checked this manually, and the xul.dll really looks like to be from the previous version. So I downloaded the new portable version of the FFx manually and started the update manually. This time I got an error, that the xul.dll couldn't be overwritten. All the repeats of this operation couldn't overwrite the file. So I have to go further by pressing the ignore button. The result was the same - FFx files were mixed and the program couldn't be started.

With a little help of the Process Explorer, the xul.dll handle was found and fried. After that, it was possible to completely install a new portable version. So the issue here is probably that platform updater updates everything in the "ignore all the errors" mode. Then installation always succeed, but the result isn't always can be run. Are there any ways to correct this?

Maybe this isn't a FFx installer issue, but a common issue of the portable installers and platform?

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different ways to test

I personally need to make several tests before to report a bug.
For example: I have some issues with some apps on my main computer, so I need to make: tests on other computers (32/64 bit, different OS), fresh platform installs, and even trying older versions or uninstalling related apps (after making backups).. Few logical ways to locate the bug!

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