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Google Chrome Portable - How to keep me logged in?

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Google Chrome Portable - How to keep me logged in?

Hello. On my job I often work on different PC's, so I've installed Google Chrome on my USB flash drive.
But unfortunately when I starting Google Chrome on new PC, I see that I logged off from Google Account and all the websites.
I read instructions and put GoogleChromePortable.ini in folder with .exe (PortablePasswords=true). But there is no results.
Firefox by the way keep me logged in very well.

So is it true that Google Chrome can't keep me logged in ? Or is there workaround?

(Windows 10, Chrome ver. 96.0.4664.45)

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same here

I had the same problem when using Chrome and now while using Iron.. I didn't use Firefox for a while. But I think that There is an answer for you, here →

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