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Neither CamStudio, nor OBS Studio work with audio on my HP laptop

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Neither CamStudio, nor OBS Studio work with audio on my HP laptop

I tried both CamStudio and OBS Studio on my HP laptop.

Neither worked with audio. I got errors trying to access audio via speakers.

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OS/Brand related

A bug should be reproducible, and not related to a certain, product/brand.

  • If your bug is related to some apps: you should ask their related developers.
  • If it's related to a computer/OS, you should try upgrading your OS/Drivers.

Try making tests on other computers (same model if possible).

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In general, to help

In general, to help troubleshoot it really helps sharing what the exact error message is (either through screenshots or quoting the exact error message, especially if there is some code or error code in the error message).

Also what are the steps that you took that triggered the error.

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