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Portable Apps Restore Tries to Restore lots of system files

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Portable Apps Restore Tries to Restore lots of system files


I recently became a donor to PortableApps.
So I would like to obtain some support.

I am using portable apps as normal programs on my Windows computer, installed in c:..prgs ..portableApps
Recently the system failed, but I had a backup SSD.
But the backup only contained an old version of the portableApps platform.
So I wanted to restore the portableApps to the backup SSD.
I previously created a backup file with the PortableAppsBackupRestore.exe (164 KB) tool .
The platform worked well on my main SSD that now had failed.
I was surprised to see that the restore wanted to copy lots of system files:
Some Examples:
C: Windows servicing LCU Rollup_Fix
C Program Data USO Shared Logs
C:\Users\All Users\Kaspersky Lab
... Catalogs
... Manifests\amd64_microsoft
C:\EFI\Microsoft\Boot\kd_02_15b3.dll C:\Boot\bootuwf.dll

Fortunately this modification of system files is nearly ever allowed. The typical error message:
ERROR: Cannot delete output file : Access is denied. : C:\Boot\memtest.exe

Why does this restore fiddle in system files and applications that are NOT portable Apps like Kaspersky Antivirus?
And not simply restore the portableApps folder and the assigned categories for each app?

At the end the restore of the apps and the categories worked fine.
But why do you touch system files, instead of focusing on the portableApps?
Thank you for your help.

John T. Haller
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External Drives

Setting the backup to a drive is intended for portable drives. I'm surprised it was able to backup C and complete successfully. If you're looking to restore just specific parts of a backup, you can do so by using 7-Zip as the backup is either a zip or 7z file.

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!

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Please give details

Please provide detailed instructions which folders must go into 7-zip.
I previously copied the PortableApps folder, however my new categories and the links of apps to the categories did not get copied.
I have a main folder call "prgs", that contains a "start.exe" and "readme", "whatsnew"
Inside the "prgs" folder, I see portableApps folder that in addition to various portable apps contains the following folders:
- PortableApps.comAppCompactor
- PortableApps.comLauncher
The Apps update and the platform worked perfectly on the old system.

The aim is to backup and run portable apps from the local system, e.g. c:\prgs (hence not only from UBS stick).
The expectation is that the apps including categories get copied.

On my side, I will create a portable Drive, so that I will copy:
1) Portable Apps from old system --- into Portable Drive
2) Portable Drive --- into the new system

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