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qBittorrent Portable 4.4.2 - Windows Defender High Electricity Usage

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qBittorrent Portable 4.4.2 - Windows Defender High Electricity Usage

Windows Defender doesnt seem to like qBittorrent Portable 4.4.2
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I never had issues with previous versions from it from your site on my system (Windows 10 64bit).
When i download a torrent with it, Windows Defender goes into very high electricity usage in taskmanager and the fans are getting really loud on my pc.
I deactivate Windows Defenders Real Time Protection and the fans are getting quiet again and no high electricity usage anymore when downloading torrents. But this wasnt a solution. Now I downloaded and installed qbittorrent (same version) from the developers site on my system and everything runs fine without me needing to deactivate features from Windows Defender. You might wanna check that portable version.

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No Changes

There have been no changes in our packaging of qBittorrent in some time. The 32-bit copy of qBittorrent inside is unaltered from the local one.

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Various tests required.

Try redownloading qBittorrent, and re-running it inside a sandbox, other tests on other (similar) computers.
Basic tests, to find the issue's origin: The software itself, your copy of it, a trojan donkey, a Norton ghost, etc..

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