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get accidentally deleted ThunderbirdPortable running again?!?

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get accidentally deleted ThunderbirdPortable running again?!?

Due to a stupid mistake with robocopy, my Thunderbird portable (56.??), which I had been using for a long time (30K mails), including backups, was deleted.
With Recover software I was able to recover the "profile" folder and an infinite number of caches, among other things. I can't say whether all files are complete
How do I get TBP running again?
Preferably with all settings, etc., if not then I'm also satisfied with the access (import) of the complete mails.

Up until now I had downloaded the current TBP (91.??) and installed it in a separate folder, then copied the entire "profile" folder under "data".
At the first start, however, only the new device came (with connection problems to pop3 at

Thanks at first...


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You would be better posting your problem at

They will happily deal with the issue even if it is for Thunderbird Portable.

Use Portable Apps on both Flash Drive and HDD/SSD.

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