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Reinstalling to a cloud location

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Reinstalling to a cloud location

When installing PortableApps on a new laptop I noticed that installation to cloud storage such as Google Drive is now specifically supported. I installed to Google Drive years ago and I normally just add a shortcut to the PortableApps exe file for a new machine. I've had no real problems except for Ditto which always displays a little red cross next to the exe file and 3 DLLs in the App/Ditto folder indicating a sync problem. PicPick also has some minor issues, but both apps still work okay for the most part.

I thought I'd see if a new installation to Google Drive (or OneDrive) using the specific option to install, made any difference to these issues, but wanted to ask if it's necessary to re-add the PortableApps programs from scratch or simply copy the app folders across to the new install.

I may use Google Drive again, but as my current PortableApps installation is taking up most of the available space, I planned on making a local copy of this, then deleting everything to give me a clean Google Drive for the new installation.

Of course, given the way PortableApps work, this may achieve nothing so I just wanted to run it by you guys to see if it made any sense.

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No Real Change

There won't be any change. The platform has been compatible with Google Drive et al for a while. It's just that the installer makes it easier to install to it now.

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