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NOD32 Portable

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NOD32 Portable

This is NON-this site launcher , but I think it will be profit.


This is portable launcher for nod32 antivirus
But it works only on version 2.51.28 Sad I can't run it on 2.51.25

Author : MiKiCuN Portable

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RE: NOD32 Portable

Is this by the company that makes NOD32? If not that might be considered reverse engineering.

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Do I have to copy the NOD32

Do I have to copy the NOD32 install directory to the USB stick and then place this launcher in that directory? Will this launcher work with 2.70 version?

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Possibly not portable Nod32

I don't think this is a portable version of NOD32. I have NOD32 on my computer, and when I tried running it off my portable hard drive or flash drive it said I needed the GUI interface file. I put that on, and it would run NOD32 from my C: drive not my External hard drive or flash drive. I moved both to another computer of mine without NOD32 and the program simply wouldn't run. Its great if you have NOD32 On your computer...but if you don't have the money / possible computer to keep stationed at, then this portable version seems pointless.

But if it is possible to get NOD32 completely portable than this would be great!
Keep up the work!

~Jeffrey Y.

~Jeffrey Yewcic

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Just go to google type in mikicun and when you see Portable Apps…. free your softwares… go to it.

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a lot of stuff there...:jawdrop:

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I know!

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Portable NOD32 AntiVirus v2.70.26
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