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Google Chrome to drop support for Windows 7 / 8.1 in Feb 2023

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Google Chrome to drop support for Windows 7 / 8.1 in Feb 2023

Google Chrome likely to drop support for Windows 7 / 8.1 in Feb 2023

That's not all that far away. It would seem that we are heading into a situation that will heavily pressure people to abandon Windows 7. Personally I'm thinking I might move over to Linux. Struggling with the nightmare that is Windows 10 at my age seems not an attractive proposition.

In any case John you need to be thinking what you are going to do about this now, not in a rush when the change hits.

John T. Haller
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Thanks, Not Surprising

Thanks for the heads up on this as I hadn't yet seen it. I'm not surprised as Windows 7's extended security support ($250 for 3 years for Windows Pro users, or $175 for Windows Enterprise users) and Windows 8.1 support (it gets no extended support) both end in Jan 2023. Plus, users of older computers aren't likely making Google much money, so it doesn't make much sense to support them. As this will likely mean stripping support out of Chromium itself, since Google runs it, it means Edge, Opera, Brave, Iron, etc will also follow suit. I think we'll be encouraging Windows users earlier than 10 to switch to Firefox.

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My Google Chrome failed to

My Google Chrome failed to launch today after your upgrade of the past week, and I only use it for YouTube, every thing else is Firefox, grocery flyers=Opera.

FF ESR has also failed to launch in the past few months, now not even a splash screen.
So John, what is the best way to move logons/passwords from a buggered ESR and into the Firefox main?

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best not use the internal PW

best not use the internal PW-saving feature, but something like keepass. there should be guides on the interwebs how to migrate your PWs from inside chrome/ffx/whatever to keepass.

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