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Toucan give error at start-up

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Toucan give error at start-up

Message states... ***Caught unhandled unknown exception; terminating

A Toucan is not...
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Same Problem here


I have the exactly same problem since today. Toucan isn't working on my USB drive, and it isn't starting either from my harddrive. In both cases the same message emerges:
***Caught unhandled unknown exception; terminating
Can somebody help me, please?!

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Toucan give error at startup

On 12/10/22 Toucan stopped part way through a mirror sync. Ctl-Alt-Delete let me end the program. On restart I got the message ***Caught unhandled unknown exception; terminating. Rebooting the computer did not help. I uninstalled and re-installed the app on my stick. Same problem. The program worked on two different computers, but still not on my main computer. 12/14/22 there was the monthly Windows 10 pro update. Now Toucan is working again.

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