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Google Chrome version 106 website problem

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Google Chrome version 106 website problem

One of my financial websites no longer accepted version 101+ and forced me to go to version 105 and up. I just installed the latest version 106+ and 3 websites so far are hanging including the financial website, and youtube. Adblock plus also is no longer blocking even after I re-installed it. I normally NEVER download the latest version but could not find an earlier portable version from 105+ on. I had to use microsoft edge to get on the financial website. Is there any recent older version I can access? No being to access youtube is a deal breaker. If I can't get an earlier version starting from 105, I'm going back to version 101.
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Test these:

Usually the latest issue from a major release works, and versions older than 78 or 87 may have been removed from Google's servers (then small paf is useless).

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