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Another instance running

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Another instance running

I was using Portable Explorer++. was happy with it , even if it did crash quite often. The last time it crashed, i closed it. Then when I opened it again, it said ,'another instance of Explorer++ is already running. Please close all instances of Explorer++ before launching Explorer++ Portable.

I did all this. The same message appeared when I tried to open again. I used Process explorer and nothing running. I uninstalled and reinstalled a couple of times. Still the same. So uninstalled and installed CubicExplorer. That worked fine. It crashed a couple of times but opened again fine. The last time it crashed, I got the dreaded 'Another instance of CubicExplorer is already running. Please close all instances of CubidExplorer before launching CubidExplorer Portable.' I did all the same stuff that I tried before but still the same.
I went into the H:\PortableApps\CubicExplorerPortable and tried to run the CubicExplorerPortable.exe file from there but still the same. One thing I did notice though, in the \PortableApps\CubicExplorerPortable\App\CubicExplorer folder, there is a CubicExplorer.exe file. I double click this and it runs just fine. It has kept all my modifications and settings. I tried closing this instance and still the same. I tried running this and closing.
I dont want to reinstall it as it will loose my settings and what if it happens again? don't want to keep reinstalling everytime it crashes.
Many thanks
Mr B

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Crashes, Reboots, and Errors

Although both apps are no longer developed, I don't recall them being that crash-happy. Have you checked your drive and PC for errors? After a crash, sometimes you'll need to reboot an app if Windows hasn't released the Mutex. It doesn't have to be running for Windows to still store the mutex and the launcher to say it is still running.

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