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Parallel downloads possible when updating? Pause / resume support?

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Parallel downloads possible when updating? Pause / resume support?

When updating PortableApps (apps, not the entire platform), sometimes I'll get stuck on a really slow download for whatever reason. For example, right now I'm updating CherryTree at about 120kBps more or less. The rest of the PortableApps download at a decent speed (I'm cable of about 5-7MBps here).

Question is, would it be possible to allow up to say, 3 apps at a time to download? Then they can cue up their install process whilst others download in the background.

Pause / resume would be handy as I've found many times this will cause the server to resume at a higher rate (doesn't make any sense but I've literally been doing this since mid to late 90s with dial-up and it still holds true to this day. Doesn't always work (cause sometimes it's just plain crowded on the server) but oftentimes it does and results in much higher speeds.

Another possibility would be to cancel the current update and allow the process to move to the next in the list without cancelling the entire update process.

EDIT: GIMP now updating at 44 kBps Beee

EDIT 2: Finally got tired of waiting for GIMP and cancelled. Pleasantly surprised to see the installer move to the next in the list instead of cancelling the entire process. Fixed bug? New feature? Not sure, but tyvm whoever did that!

EDIT 3: OBS Studio was downloading pretty slow at 130 kBps so I cancelled it, the updater did nothing for a few seconds, and then instantly closed (crashed, I guess?). I'll try upgrading a couple dozen apps a time.

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It sounds like your local SourceForge mirror is having download issues. This happens from time to time and isn't under our control, unfortunately. Our open source apps like GIMP and OBS are hosted there. We can't yet support multiple downloads due to the language the updater and app store is written in.

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S..L...O....W...... downloads.

I started "start.exe" from my flash drive. The download never got faster than my flash drive write speed. I have a 1.6Gbps line. How do I get full download speed?

I wish downloads were faster

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