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Updating Apps one at a time

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Updating Apps one at a time

As far as I can tell, when updatng apps the platform downloads all the installation packages needed and then runs them. Since I do not update regularly this process can take a long time and fill all available space and fail.
I know you can manually sellect which Apps to update so its possible to manually update them one at a time, however, this is not very convienient and requires some guess work. Yes I could buy a bigger USB stick (not on a USB stick but hey!). Adding more storage just moves the issue into the future and I also run out of space for other reasons.

My question is: how much would it cost to change the update process so that:
1) a sequentisl update option was available. ie download package, update, move to next package process.
2) a 'Skip This App' button which:
2a) if downloading: stops the current download, deletes any files and then starts the next in the sequence. Some apps take ages to download due to network/demand/other issues.
2b) if updating: Current update finishes and either: button is dissabled or it is enabled and skips the next package (assumes you are displaying the next package name)
3) a 'Finish Now' button which:
3a) If downloading: stops the download, deletes the partial download and terminates the process.
3b) If updating: finishes the current update and terminates the process.

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Possibly, Blocking Issue, TEMP workaround

I could add the option to download installer 1, install 1, delete installer 1, download installer 2, install 2, delete installer 2, etc. There would be an issue with this in terms of the batch handling at present, though. Currently, the platform downloads all the installers, then looks at them all to analyze for issues with outdated installers (some very old installers don't correctly report drive size on very large drives and will show a warning for example) and EULAs, then proceeds. I'm working on batching the errors and EULAs before even downloading to allow better unattended installs, so doing the 1, 2, 3, process and deleting as it goes could be an option there.

The platform currently uses the TEMP directory for all downloads. It will have an option to specify a directory at some point (it's on the list) but does not yet. You can adjust the TEMP used by the platform if your main drive with TEMP doesn't have enough space but the drive you have PA.c on does, though. Alongside the Start.exe launcher, create a directory called TempForPortableApps. It'll be next to the PortableApps folder and Documents folder created by the platform. When run with Start.exe, the platform will then use that for TEMP.

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