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Platform on Google cloud

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Platform on Google cloud

Cant install platform on Google cloud - it sees only OneDrive (that i do not use) - it appears itt cant see Google Drive although it works perfectly- how do I get the platform tonsee Google drive?

John T. Haller
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If you customized the path to Google Drive when you installed it, it won't see it. You can manually select the path as a Custom install and install to the path to your Google Drive and it should work without issue.

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Can't Install On Google Drive or Dropbox

I see your answer regarding the path, but I do not understand it. Google Drive and Dropbox are in the cloud. The only "path" is the URL. As the original poster said, In the PortableApps installation program, the options for any cloud-related locations are all greyed out and not selectable, except for Microsoft's One Drive. Is there some way to "mount" a cloud drive?

Ken Herbert
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Desktop software

Pretty much every cloud service has desktop software - Dropbox, Google Drive, Nextcloud, pCloud, and most others, which creates a local folder to which you can install PortableApps.

One Drive is the only one that is effectively "native" on modern Windows, but all the others are installable.

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