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Updates are not finishing downloading. Failing at about 98%

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Updates are not finishing downloading. Failing at about 98%

Been using portable for a number of years now. It has been very reliable. It has its quirks but generally they sort themselves out. Consequently never really had to post issues until now. (First post) Smile
This issue comes under the category of "sorting itself out" expect in this case it isn't and has been steadily getting worse over the last 6 months.
The problem is this: When Portable fires up it does the usual update check and will start to download any updates needed. normally this goes through to completion ok. occasionally an update will fail to download for what ever reason. but I just wait and over the next few days it will retry and eventually will finish the download and complete the update. The problems can range from just not finding the update to failing to finish at about 98% but over time it sorts itself out.

Over the past 6 months the number of failures have been steadily increasing. where before it was 1 failure out 50 updates it is now 80% of updates are failing to download. They usually stop around 95% or 98% sometimes they can stop at 20%. It attempts a retry but will fail again. If I wait long enough eventually and after many retries it will complete and update successfully. Now the obvious solution is to download the .paf file and update manual and doing it that way I have 100% success. But it defeats the objective of having automatic updates.
I have noticed in the recent updates to Portable there has been a change in the way it updates. What I have noticed is that it will attempt to download the update a second time, which suggests there as been a change to the updating routine in the program. Can any one shed any light on this, It has me stumped. I am a retired 67 year old high speed data engineer that has worked in the IT and computer industry for over 35 years. I have tried everything to try and sort this out. I am calling out for some help here. If anyone has come across this problem before or knows of a fix I would appreciate some feedback. There is a workaround as I mentioned before but It would be nice to get back to what it was before.
Thanks in advance

System spec:
Portable App: Ver25
Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10 Professional (x64) Build 19045.2965 (22H2)

C: drive: ADATA SX8200PNP

Drive Controller: NVMe (PCIe 4x 8.0 GT/s)
Host Controller: ADATA Technology NVMe Controller
Drive Model: ADATA SX8200PNP
Drive Firmware Revision: 32B3T8ED
NVMe Version Supported: v1.3
Drive Capacity: 976,762 MBytes (1024 GB)
Drive Capacity [MB]: 976762
Temperature Exceeded Critical Threshold: OK
Device Reliablity Degraded: OK
Media In Read Only Mode: OK
Volatile Memory Backup Device Failed: OK
Drive Temperature: 34 °C
Warning Temperature Threshold: 75 °C
Critical Temperature Threshold: 80 °C
Spare Capacity Available: 100%
Power Cycles: 3397
Power On Hours: 13463 hour
Total Host Reads: 22404 GBytes
Total Host Writes: 35867 GBytes

Network: Intel Wi-Fi 6 AX200 160MHz

Network Card: Intel Wi-Fi 6 AX200 160MHz
Maximum Link Speed: 144 Mbps
Driver Manufacturer: Intel Corporation
Driver Description: Intel(R) Wi-Fi 6 AX200 160MHz
Driver Provider: Intel
Driver Version:
Driver Date: 19-Aug-2021

John T. Haller
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Are you running an antivirus other than the built in Windows Defender? I've seen some poor-performing antivirus software cause this issue. It takes so long to scan a completed download that the updater times out and tries again.

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Thanks for the quick response

Thanks for the quick response
No, I am just running Windows defender. Now you mention it. It make complete sense that the updater is timing out. Can't understand why I have not thought of testing the antivirus checks. Can't see the wood for the trees probably Wink I'll make a few tests and get back to you.

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Tested with Virus check off

I have three apps that need updating, Balabolka, Calibre, and Thunderbird. Turned off real time checking and started the update. Balabolka went through (I thought, hello, we have winner) but sadly the other two failed at 98% and 96%. Both of these apps have proved troublesome in the past but they seem to sort themselves out eventually.
I do like the idea that this a an updater time issue. Is it possible to put in a request for a patch with a modified updater time out?

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Some feedback on the current issue.

It's been a couple of weeks since my last post. Just wanted to say that what ever changes were made in the last platform update appear to have fixed the problems with downloading and updating.
Thanks for the support

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