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Portable Opera on Win7 issue

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Portable Opera on Win7 issue

After upgrading the Opera browser on Windows 7, there was a problem. The browser had many open pages, many bookmarks, saved credentials for many sites, customized workspaces and pinboards. All of this became inaccessible after today's Opera update. I now see links to Opera and Opera (Legacy Win7) in the portable application launcher. Opera doesn't launch (which is understandable). Opera (Legacy Win7) launches with the new blank interface, and everything I mentioned is gone. Is it possible to restore all the settings?
In a similar situation with Firefox, when split into Firefox and Firefox (Legacy 115), all pages and settings remained accessible in Firefox (Legacy 115).

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Copy Files

You can try copying the Data directory from OperaPortable\Data to OperaPortableLegacyWin7\Data in case it didn't happen automatically.

If I recall, Opera locks all settings to a given path and PC like Chrome does and can only be accessed when logged in and synced. Try backing up your OperaPortable directory. Then delete it. Then rename the OperaPortableLegacyWin7 directory to OperaPortable. Then copy the OperaPortable\Data directory from your backup to the renamed OperaPortable\Data directory you just created. That should allow you to access it. Be careful not to let it upgrade again.

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