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How can I set the Cache to my FirefoxPortable folder?

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How can I set the Cache to my FirefoxPortable folder?

Installed the latest Firefox Portable today. Loving how well it does everything. My concern: I'm using the portable to avoid Firefox writing data to my C:\ drive. I have the program installed on D:\ in D:\Utilities II\FirefoxPortable, and I'd like to direct it to put the daily cache files in a directory in that folder, say, \Other\cache. I can't find help online that dates within this century (!), and I'm hoping someone here can help me out.

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Disabled By Default

If I recall correctly, the disk cache is disabled by default. It uses memory cache though. I think you can enable it in about:config and then set a location with browser.cache.disk.parent_directory within about:config.

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