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Launcher Themes.

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Launcher Themes.

I couldn't really see a section for Launcher themes so I just made one here.

To replace a default theme go to:
pick a folder, drag the image in and rename.

One of my favorite things with the Windows theme modding groups is the looking towards real world textures rather than just gradients and the like.
So I made a menu theme based on that.

Other side of the spectrum. You could make it super simple, metro style.

Had them for a few years now. Just thought I'd share Smile

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i also looked for some new themes and i also made some. Even the icons can be changed and i also made a batch-script which "applies" the theme you choose. It replaces all the files and restarts the launcher again. Here are my tries Smile

The pink area is invisible.

El Tiburon
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Windows 10 Theme for platform v14.4

I was looking for a Windows10 theme, but unfortunately I did not find
anything that I could use. With the one I found I could see a screenshot
but the downloadlink was dead.

Deadlink of Download here:

Well, that's why I made one for my needs and wanted to share it with you all.
I hope you enjoy it.

I'd like to thank for this unique software that I've come to
love over the years and can not get along without it.


Hope someone find it usefull Smile

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i like the dark background and the white/yellow elements. Looks very clean. thx for sharing Smile

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Magnificent work

My hat's off to you, El Tiburon. That's a beautiful theme, perfectly suited to my own aesthetics, that I'm now proudly rocking.

It should be added to the Platform Installer itself as an option for all users, the current options are really showing their age at this point.

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I made a modern & dark theme

I made a modern & dark theme that is matching the Win10 dark theme.
Check it out here:

Zigboom Designs:

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Great job!

Really good job, looks great and website is cool too!

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Windows 11 Theme

I made a theme to match Windows 11 better, all icons and colors are pulled from the official Fluent guidelines and 11 itself.


1. Go to your PortableApps Themes directory (PortableApps\\App\Graphics\Themes) and make copies of both Default and DefaultDark as a backup.
2. Unzip into that directory

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Super Mario Skin


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